Litigation and Trial Of An Auto Case

The litigation and trial of an automobile accident case can be a long and difficult experience for the client. Understanding what is involved in this process can help alleviate the anxiety and uncertainty that accompanies the unknown.

Understanding how the process works can also foster a better line of communication between the attorney and the client. This is critical in achieving the greatest chance of success for the case.

The process starts in obtaining an understanding of exactly what is involved in getting an automobile case set for trial. The court has the final say so in determining which cases will proceed to trial and when. Busy court dockets require the scheduling of multiple cases for trial on the same day. Since only one case can be heard at a time, this will necessitate that the court continue the other cases set for the same day.

Some jurisdictions have local rules that require the parties to an automobile accident case to first complete the discovery process before they can ask that the case be set for trial. If the case involves many witnesses or complex issues, the discovery process can be drawn out.

Once the parties make it to trial more anxiety arises over how your lawyer will present your side of the case. Most litigants want their day in court to tell their story. They worry about whether their lawyer is going to present their story in an acceptable manner which the judge or jury will understand.

Again, without knowing the rules for the presentation of evidence, clients worry about what evidence will be presented and how. Will the court exclude evidence which I think should be heard? If so, why? Why does my attorney present our evidence in this manner?

The key to a successful presentation of evidence is experience. It is not enough to hire an attorney with experience in handling automobile accident cases. He must have experience trying the automobile accident case.

Part of presenting the evidence to the judge or jury is ensuring that all of the key fact and expert witnesses appear at trial to render their testimony. A whole separate set of challenges is presented in this regard.

Finally, understanding what law the court will tell the jury that they must apply to your case will help ease your tensions about proceeding to trial. The law does not always follow a course that makes sense to non lawyers. The societal pressures of a particular community may have shaped the law which must be applied to your case in a way that seems unfair.

Knowledge of all of these factors can help alleviate unnecessary worry and anxiety about going to trial. It can also help provide a better understanding of what to look for in the lawyer you choose to handle your automobile accident case.


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