Types of Automobile Accident

There are many different types of automobile accidents.  Each type of accident is governed by different laws and regulations.  For instance, in Louisiana, the rear-ending driver is presumed to be at fault when they hit the car in front of them from behind.  This presumption can be overcome with evidence that the car in front was negligent in suddenly stopping without warning or other circumstances.  Traffic laws also provide that a left turning motorist must yield to oncoming traffic.  Thus, when an auto accident involves a left turning motorist, it is important to ascertain if the collision occurred with an oncoming motorist.

Often, the investigating police officer will review the accident scene and take statements from both drivers.  He will then cite the offending driver for breaking one of the traffic rules.  This citation is presumptive evidence of fault on the driver that is cited.  There may be other evidence that can overcome this presumption, but it makes the case more complicated for the driver who is cited.

The type of accident may also influence how the investigating police officer investigates the case.  In fatality cases, the investigation is usually much more thorough and involves detailed photographic evidence of the scene as well as measurements of skid marks and other data. 

Insurance companies also view certain types of auto accidents more favorably than others.  Thus, understanding the type of auto accident will help preserve all of the necessary evidence involved in that type of collision.


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