Louisiana’s New Cell Phone and Texting Laws

There are 4 separate Cell Phone/Text Messaging Laws in effect in the State of Louisiana.    Louisiana’s new text messaging law prohibits text messaging by all drivers and limits the use of Cell phones by drivers that have a learner’s permit.  If you are ticketed for violation of these new laws you will receive a fine up to $175 for your first offense and up to a $500 fine for your second and subsequent offenses.  If you are in an accident and the police officer determines that you were in violation of this law, the fine is doubled.

Another new Louisiana law prohibits minors (17 years old and under) from using any type of wireless device that is designed to engage in a call or communicate text or data while operating a motor vehicle.  This includes text-messaging and cell phone use.  Push to talk devices, Commercial Two-Way Radios and CB Radios are not included.  The fines for violation of this law are $100 for first offense and $250 for second and subsequent offenses. Fines are doubled if an accident is involved.

Another new law prohibits first time license holders from using a cell phone for any purpose while operating a motor vehicle.  The new driver cannot use a cell phone for 1 year from the date the license was issued.  Although this law applies to all first time drivers regardless of age, it does not apply to first time Louisiana license holders if they were legally licensed in another state.  The fines for violation of this law are $100 or 16 hours of community service, or both for first time offenders and up to $250 for second and subsequent offenders.  Fines are doubled if an accident is involved.


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